Red Stone Agency

Condo Conference

October 2022
Event Type
Corporate Conference
Beanfield Centre, Toronto, ON
Event Size


The 2022 Condo Conference featured stage design and a full AV package across 4 rooms on a nearly impossible timeline.



When our client, Red Stone Agency, was left without an AV partner just weeks before the conference, we were tasked with designing and delivering an event with the clock running out. This is where having a great deal of continuity within our team and significant institutional knowledge for precisely these types of events is a real asset for our clients. We placed the event on a priority path for design and delivered an event that surpassed expectations.



A conference of this size is well within our considerable comfort zone in terms of size and scope. However given the short timeline and the union status of the Beanfield Centre, we had to take a novel approach to our work: the entire AV package was assembled and rigged off-site and then brought to the site and handed off to the teamsters of Local 58 in a manner where they could simply hoist it up into the rafters and secure it in place.